Sushi Socks

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Looking to vastly improve your feet and your boring sock drawer? Sushi Socks is the answer.

The unisex footwear, when properly rolled, looks just like ready-to-eat sushi. After resisting the urge to eat them, unroll, place on your feet, and you'll be stylin'.

The pairs are super-easy to re-roll back into sushi form, so you'll be a sort of sushi sock chef on laundry day. And, the design is sewn-in, so there's no fear of fading or getting washed away.

Select 'Any 3 pairs' and save. Let us know which ones in customer notes.

Sushi Socks are available in Salmon Roe, Tuna, Salmon, Futomaki, and California Roll. One size: Men's 6-11, Women's 5-12. Polyester 71%, Cotton 18%, Nylon 6%, Spandex 5%.

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