Hello there and welcome to The New Foodiggity Shop. Our original shop was launched in August of 2011 as part of Foodiggity.com -- The Greatest Food Culture Site Ever.* After a few years of blogging about novelty kitchen and home products, a shop filled with fun products seemed like a logical choice.

Now, The Foodiggity Shop has a new look, its own shiny new address, and an improved shop platform to make getting around easier.

The Foodiggity Shop has become a great resource for the latest quirky kitchen gadgets, cooking tools and home goods. Items from The Foodiggity Shop would make a perfect gift, or a great addition to your place.

As always, we try to add new stuff as often as possible, so stop by anytime. Thanks for checking us out and enjoy our shop.

Want to get in touch with Foodiggity or the Foodiggity Shop? We'd love to hear from you...

email: chris[at]foodiggity[dot]com
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*may or may not be the greatest food culture site ever.